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Re: This growing up thing is hard

It is hard to see your kids go through this stuff. Ds had a hard time last year in 2nd grade. He was new to the school and he was different. He came from a british school in thailand and while he is american, he really is more british than american. You can see it in the expressions he uses and he speaks with an english accent. He tries very hard to drop the accent at school but it does come out when he's at home.

Last year he came home and told he wasn't popular. That made me so sad that he even knew that word and what it meant. He was trying so hard to be friends with one particular boy that he thought was cool and popular. But things have a way of working themselves out. Both he and the other boy played baseball on the same team last year and they are good friends now. The other boy is a great kid. I think ds was making a nuisance of himself by trying so hard to befriend this kid rather than letting the friendship happen naturally.

Its hard as a parent to let your kid work it out themselves. I so wanted to intervene last year. Ds got picked on at the beginning of the year for his accent. He came from an international school with kids from all over the world, so differences are celebrated, to america where being different makes you weird. Playing baseball really did wonders for helping him to fit in and for making friends. This year has so far been much better. He goes to a private christian school and they try to keep friend sets together. So he has his two good friends in his class. There is a new boy in his class and I reminded him how it felt last year to be the new kid and to include him.

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