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Re: Moms of many: Head circumference Girls or Smaller sizes = Easier labor?

My largest baby (DS) was my middle baby. He was 9lbs 3oz, 15.5 inch head circum. and that labor was 1.5 hrs start to finish.

I pushed, I think, 4-5 times total, 2 of those pushes were unproductive b/c of my position. So, just 2-3 pushes in the right position and he came out.

My two DD's were a little more difficult.

DD1 7lbs 4oz, don't remember her head size, but it was MUCH smaller - she was tiny and had an itty bitty head - maybe 11 inches circum.? She was really tiny. I pushed for 20 mins. HOWEVER, I was in hospital and "required" to push in a lithotomy position. Active labor was about 4 hrs.

DD2 7lbs 8oz, don't remember head size, probably around 12 inches circum., she was also tiny. I pushed through maybe 3 contractions and out she came. Active labor was about 3 hrs with her.

So, I've had two small babies, and one big one. The big one birthed the fastest and easiest, BUT I tore far worse (3rd degree). The two smaller ones took longer to birth but I had less significant tearing.

I am due with another boy, so we will see if my boys are just big and my girls are just small! I am excited to see if this will be another BIG baby!

Guess I should add: my first girl was a hosp birth, then my next two were both homebirths.

And I have "Birthin' hips" !!!
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