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Re: So what did you get at the Multiples Sale today?

I got spring/summer wardrobes for all 3 kids, plus shoes (some are brand new). Got a toddler picnic table, camp chairs, a brand new wooden food set, a leap frog phonics system (big hit!), and a pair of 12 inch bikes. Oh, and life vests and a baby float. All in all, I did really well! I didn't even look at the CD station. I keep inheriting that stuff from my sister.

Fall/Winter sale is Saturday, September 12th. On the calendar already!

I also saw the sign for the St. James Episcopal church in Downingtown - looks like they're having their outgrown sale on April 12th. I've been to that one a couple times, not nearly as big as the twins club sale, but I usually go there when I need to look for something I forgot or couldn't find.
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