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How long on my back and elevated after DTD, going nuts here!

Ok ttc this week ovulating around yesterday and today. Had relations last night and now I am thinking I should have layed down for longer after ......... you know. I tilted my pelvis and elevated myself on some pillows but only really stayed that way for hmmmm 10 min or so before I got up to finish cleaning the kitchen which was a mess.

DH has a not so great sperm count. So it is super hard to concieve naturally. Heck we did IVF to get pregnant with our triplets. I just feel deep down that it can and just might happen. I cant stop thinking about baby making and birthing etc. I am consumed of late which makes me wonder if the almighty is trying to give me a nudge saying have a little faith you know. Ok totally rambling but uhhhhhh I am consumed here. I want so badly to poas and see a positive for once in my life. I dont want to have to go to the doc to have them help me get pg again. Ok I am done. Sorry for the rambling just needed to say it you know.
Cher busy mommyto 10 year old Triplets and our surprise now 3 year old making us a A Loud, Crazy, Busy Family of 6. Hoping for one more to add to the bunch!
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