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Re: 34 week Preemie mama needs help

First, hugs to you, it's really hard to have a baby in NICU.

It's normal for them to keep you away, I cried one time when I called down to NICU to go see him and the nurse told me I couldn't come because his heart rate was high. It's awful.

I was only allowed to hold him while he was feeding, once he was on tube feeds.

It's normal to only gets drops of colostrum, I never got more than that, and my supply came in great. Just keep pumping, it'll come in soon.

They may let you do some kangaroo care once he gets healthier, I know my hospital supported it. Talk with the nurses, they know what goes on and can help you understand what to expect as far as policies and procedures. See if you can set up a time to meet with his caregiver, which should be a neonatologist. Knowing who his doctor is and talking with him can help a lot.
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