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Re: 34 week Preemie mama needs help

Hey mama, NICU time is so rough. Our 29 weeker was there for 72 days. Your feelings are very normal.

Ask to help with his diaper changes and taking his temps and all that kind of stuff they do. They always encouraged us to help out with these things, and it was nice to be able to do something for our little girl. You may not be able to hold or even touch him if he is too fragile, but he does need to be touched for these things so itd be a way to get a little hands on care while not stressing him beyond what is necessary.

If he is strong enough to be touched (honestly they always let us touch our girl no matter how sick she was) wash and then purrell your hands, then wait for the purell to dry so you aren't overwhelming him with fumes. Then just lay your warm hands on him. We usually would put one hand over her belly and one on the top of her head. Preemies are very sensitive to touch and often don't like to be stroked, but this can be comforting. And talking in soft, soothing tones is very good for them as well. He will recognize your voice and find comfort in it. Also, take some of the blankets they will put in his isolette and roll them up and stick them in your shirt for a while. They'll get your scent and that is comforting as well. This was something they asked us to do at our NICU.

Kangaroo care is also very good for baby, if he is strong enough.

And you should be able to call at any hour to know whats going on, even if you can't be there.

And keep pumping even if you're not getting much and he can't eat. That way you keep up your supply for later.

I know this post is a little old and you may already know many of these things now. But just passing it all along in case. Feel free to message me with any questions, I'll help you out all I can as a mama of a NICU graduate!!
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