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Re: any single remedy for teething AND gas?

Originally Posted by schmoopee View Post
I recommend earplugs and a bottle of wine.

Oh wait, you mean for the baby! Sorry!

I feel your pain, those teething and gas days are nooo fun. Poor little mite. I second the gripe water. Check for an alcohol-free brand, some have alcohol in them. Lots of natural ones out there, I can't remember the name of the one we used for DD. It was a lifesaver though! Didn't have to use it often but when we did use it she felt better instantly!
you are so right I used to send my dh in the middle of the night to the local 24 hour grocery store that carries it! My son would instanly burp & fart like a grown man and that would let efveryone feel better. Oh and you definatley want the all natural one's.... I forgot as well what the name was off the one we used but I know it was manufactured here in Arizona where I live and it was great!! Good luck
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