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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

My DD was very difficult to nurse. Looking back, I wonder if she had some underlying issue that caused all the trouble. But, she had a bad latch that never really got fixed, though it did get better. She preferred one side over the other and after a couple of months would ONLY take one side and never the other. She bit from day 1. I know that sounds impossible, but she would clamp down HARD and rip off. When she just had gums, it wasn't so bad... after the bottom teeth came, I could bear it.... after she got the top two, it was like torture. From the beginning she just was very difficult to nurse. She would arch her back and scream, wiggle and fight me, pop on and off, latch on but not suck. I had mastitis and clogged ducts on anf off the whole time. It was miserable for both of us, really. She had formula for the first 2 weeks while I attempted the nursing thing. Then we phased out the formula for about 6 months and then introduced it back again b/c of the teeth issue. I did BF her until 13 mos, when she weaned herself (I was pg and my milk dried up). I can honeslty say looking back, I did everything I could. I regret ever giving her formula, but truly, honestly, she was just ridiculously hard to nurse!!!

My son - born at home - latched on within 2 minutes of being born. I was cradling him after giving birth and he just turned and latched right on. No prompting, no nothing. I wasn't even intentionally holding him near my breast and it surprised me when he latched on! He nursed like a champ from day 1. He's now 14 mos old and he still loves to nurse. He pulls my shirt down to get to his food. He's never had an ounce of formula and doesn't regularly drikn cow's milk... he and his sister are polar opposites!

The difference between DD and DS is amazing. It's like I'm finally able to see what a normal nursing relationship is like. Before, women would talk about their babies wanting to nurse, I never knew what that was like b/c nursing DD was always ALWAYS a battle. With DS it's a battle sometimes to get him to wait 5 minutes!

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