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Re: unable to breastfeed the first one but did great the 2nd time around?

I wanted to thank all of you for the positive stories. My son arrived 2 weeks ago, and though we did supplement him with formula from a syringe the first couple of days, he's now breastfeeding like a champ. I told my nurse about my breastfeeding concerns, and they had lactation come see me hours after I got out of recovery. They came twice a day to check on us, and were a huge help. I have to use a nipple shield (again), but hope to wean him from that in the coming weeks.
It's so drastically different then my breastfeeding attempt last time, I was so miserable pumping and attempting to feed a fussy baby with reflux. Spencer eats around the clock, and has gained 6 ounces over his 7 pound birth weight at his 2 week appointment today. I love the closeness and the convenience. He was hungry at the doctors office today, and I was able to feed him while we waited.

Thanks for sharing your stories and encouragement, it helps a lot to hear from other mom's. 2 weeks down, who knows how long to go.

Thanks -
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