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Side sleeper nighttime failure

So I've been on the quest of a nighttime trainer for 8 months now. We started with the HH trainers, those actually worked but I really disliked them. GroVia/Antsy Pants style and they leaked out the top side when he slept on his side. Wasn't too surprised.

Now we are trying Bumwear (and 1 Snap EZ). I figured with the enclosed style it could hold it in similar to a pocket style. I thought it was working then last night we had a epic failure, the inserts were a tad damp from what I guess was an earlier pee, the FOE and the fleece on one side was fully damp, as were his PJs and sheet.

Since he sleep all directions I thought we were doing good, but I never know what direction he wet his trainer at night so I never know.

I was contemplating at 4am why these pocket trainers fail when the pocket diapers never failed. Best thought I can come up with is that his penis can fall to the side because there is more room, where the pocket diapers he was always pointing down (he naturally points down -- so helpful)... does that make since to you too?

So where to go from here. The motherese bedwetters I think would have absorbency on the side but I'd rather stay dry.

I was also thinking maybe getting a hemp flat or prefold from cotton babies or thirties and I could try and put some absorbency on the sides.. anyone think that is possible and/or help? i was going to experiment with a Med prefold I have here... won't be big enough but maybe I can get and idea if it'll work. Maybe using the bikini twist?

Do you think with some hemp absorbency on the sides that might stop leaking out?

My last thought is the bumwear snaps are on the hips where the Snap-EZ that is a similar style are a bit in the front. Maybe combined with absorbency on the sides that will work better because there is no edge to leak out of? Not as sure if this matters, since the leg hole FOE was just as soaked as the FOE around the snap crevasse.

Oh and I guess I can break down and get the HH trainers in the next size. They were just so overly poofy. the only reason i can see them working over the snap-ez is that there is no side snaps...)
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