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Re: Episiotomy question

I tore with both of mine and they gave me tucks pads in the hospital and also dibucane cream that you can get from pharmiscist w/o script....Also gave me some spray stuff...told me to use tucks pads every time, and rotate dibucane cream and spray stuff....

with DD i was literally swollen to the size of baseball (or so my DH said and it felt more like b/c of swelling with pregnancy so at my 6wks check up i still had stiches b/c it hadn't healed yet...ohhh that was a long recovery...couldn't sit in a chair for a week...
DS no swelling and they still gave me all that stuff for tear.

Itching sounds normal...i had it too...i was always told that itching meant it was healing (when cuts i had as a child would itch).
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