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Re: Tell me about Alva pockets.

Originally Posted by L J View Post
Diaper Safari are re branded Alvas with a custom pocket opening. If you are worried about buying stolen prints, buy Alva solids. There are TONS of websites selling Alvas with their label sewn on, and they are the exact same diaper, just more expensive to you. Alva will sew anyone's label on if they buy in quantity, and often these people specify to Alva they want a double pocket opening or colored snaps or something of that nature to try and detract from the fact that they are rebranded Alvas that cost $2.30 each when buying in bulk.
Diaper Safari has come on here several times and said that their pockets are not rebranded alvas. They say they ARE made in China but not Alvas. I just read it in that locked thread from a while back.
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