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Over supply

Well I just got home from the hospital this afternoon and sat down to pump a little bit because I have been having an engorgement issue today. The baby nursed from the left breast and I started pumping the right, I got 2 ounces out of the right before swapping breasts with him. And then I pumped on the left and got another 2 ounces while he finished up at the right. After he just finished eating this evening I pumped again because once again everything is engorged and I am getting 3 ounces off of each breast. He is only 2 days old. He is eating enough for him to be satisfied. So far just from two pumping sessions I have 10 ounces of milk in the freezer. I am somewhat frightened to see what tomorrow is going to bring. I know pumping will just keep my supply up but with him being so tiny and me being so large breasted I do not want to get so engorged to the point that he cannot latch on, I would rather have an over supply than a poor latch with sore nipples for a couple of weeks. I am seriously thinking about donating some of my over supply to a milk bank.
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