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Re: what are your thoughts on this (asked to not BF)? (update in #34)

"my mom and grandma say I'm being disrespectful for not going..." that's ridiculous considering THEY are being disrespectful regarding your choice to nurse.

As far as the school thing goes.. that's ridiculous too. If you aren't flashing your boobs, then I see no problem with it, and I would have nursed there anyway.

I think I might tell my family .... "I nurse my son. It's how he eats, it's the only way he eats. And if my breast feeding makes you uncomfortable, and I'm not "allowed" to nurse my child around you, then I just can't be around you. It's not that I'm being disrespectful, it's that my child needs to eat. So I have to choose.. spend time with family, or feed my son with he's hungry. I'll choose taking care of my son every time."

I'm so sorry you're going through this.. but it's awesome that your DH is supporting you!

God bless!
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