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Help!!! Thrush?!

This morning, I brought my 2 yr old to the doctor because over the last few days, she's been telling us her "pee pee" hurts. For a variety of reasons, both my DH and I thought she was just making it up (she now has a 7 wk old sister to compete for attention with---there are other reasons besides that...). Regardless, we thought she should be checked out. Well, her pediatrician said he thinks she has a yeast infection and gave us treatment for that.

I was just laying down for a little bit with my 7 wk old and noticed 2 small white spots on her tongue. It's different than when she just finishes nursing and her whole tongue is white. These 2 spots are a deeper white and didn't disappear.

Additionally, over the last week or so, occassionally, my breasts will hurt for just a moment...but a deep pain...and then just as suddenly as it came on, it's gone. Honestly, I guess that should have worried me and I guess it did, but I guess with a toddler and a newborn, I just havent made that a top thing on my priority list.

So, when I saw the white spots on her tongue, I started to research thrush. My 2 yr old has a habit of grabbing the newborns pacifiers and walking around the house with them in her mouth. I'm wondering if the newborn and I have thrush, then could a vaginal yeast infection in my 2 yr old have been caused by the thrush on the pacifier?? Does all this stuff sound like thrush?? I'm calling the pediatrician, but they are at lunch until 1:30, so i thought I'd post to get some opinions.

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