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Re: Help!!! Thrush?!

I woudl definitely say that they are all related. We just finally got over thrush. My 2 1/2 month old had it for awhile! I took him into the ped and they put him on oral nystatin. He took that for 2 weeks and still had it. She told me to make sure I boiled his pacifier daily and to use an antifungal cream on me, which I did. She also said that don't be surprised if it went all the way through the digestive system and he broke out with it in his diaper area. thankfully he never did, but the nystatin they put him on did not work.
She then recommended Gentian Violet. I put it on me and in baby's mouth once a day for 5 days and it was gone! Definitely recommend that! You will have a purple mouth baby for a few days, but it definitely works better!
Good luck!
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