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Re: Is my math wrong, or FuzziBunz math wrong?

Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox View Post
Guess I read it wrong, but yeah 12 diaper no matter how to put it will not last more than about 3 days, that's a lot of washing. I wash a few times a week and I don't have to due to an over supply of
I agree I have a 2.5 year old she wears an overnight diaper for at least 12 hours.. She goes on average 2 hours during the day but naps or longer outting can sometimes push this into the 3rd hour..

Up untill about a week ago I was working with exactly 12 diapers washing every 2-3 days.. I sposied at night... I very often had to use a few extra sposies to get through..

I now have 18 and washing every 3rd day most of the time it is JUST enough but not always like is 6pm I JUST changed her into her last clean diaper. I am planning on using a sposie tonight since I'm washing but she will need more than one.. and I pushed her diaper before this a bit longer than I'd ideally like just cause I knew we only had one more.. I'm actually thinking of getting a few more so I'm not so strained on wash day
Even her caculations on how many sposies comes out closer to 8 a day
2912/365= 7.97 so this is advocating changing more often with sposies than with cloth
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