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Re: Annoyed by family "hoping" for a boy...

Originally Posted by kelpie169 View Post
We had that when I was pregnant with our third. We had 2 boys and absolutely EVERYONE said that kind of stuff about having a girl. It made me so angry. We seriously debated not telling anyone when we found out that she was I n fact a girl. It only got worse after though. :/ we still get the "oh you finally got your girl!" Comments. Drives me up a wall.
This exactly.

We didn't find out before hand what #3 was. We had two boys. I was so sick of

"oh bet you want a girl"
"hope this one is a girl"
"if this one is a girl you are done right"

And then after she was a girl and born I still get comments
"oh you finally got your girl"
"how nice a girl, you are done now right"
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