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Re: Annoyed by family "hoping" for a boy...

I'm not looking forward to this if we are blessed with #4. I had so many asking with #3 if I was hoping for a girl, "No, not really!" always sort of made them quiet because they didn't know what to say after that. I had one lady at church say, "Oh, I'm sorry!" as if someone died when I told her that #3 was going to be a boy. All I said was, "I'm not!" and smiled really big.

I try not to be too hard on people, I think most just want to make conversation, but geez louise!

I am really not attached to the idea of having a girl at all; I would be happy with all boys. The other thing is that I feel sort of silly, but if we do have a girl, I want to have one more after that so that people don't think I was just trying to get a girl the whole time. Is that ridiculous?
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