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Re: Annoyed by family "hoping" for a boy...

Originally Posted by Belle View Post

I am really not attached to the idea of having a girl at all; I would be happy with all boys. The other thing is that I feel sort of silly, but if we do have a girl, I want to have one more after that so that people don't think I was just trying to get a girl the whole time. Is that ridiculous?
I'm the same way with my girls. I have been very happy with 4 girls. So has my husband despite the mountains of pity that have been poured upon him.

However I hate, hate, hate pregnancy so much that I was done at 4, and we ended up getting pregnant unexpectedly shortly before DH got his vasectomy. We went ahead with it even though I was already pregnant. So we are 100% done, and I feel irked knowing so many people will believe this is our last because "we finally got our boy!".

But it is what it is. I adore my new baby. But I cringe every time someone congratulates me like I finally won my prize.
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