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Re: Still feeling guilty

I still feel guilt. My preemie was a 34 weeker - PROM. My water broke at 32 weeks, and I stayed for 2 weeks. He was born, and spent a week in the ICN. The guilt was overwhelming... it was my body that failed him, kwim? Irrational, I know that now, and knew that then, but it didn't help. He's 8 1/2 now, in 3rd grade, huge for his age, and incredibly smart. And I still to this day feel guilty. He's got ADHD (which we are managing), and I can't help but wonder if it's his premature birth? I don't think the guilt I feel will ever go away - even though rationally I know there was nothing I could have done differently. I still to this day would give anything to have been pregnant 2 more weeks with him (that was my goal - 36 weeks).
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