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Re: The 25lb Challenge January thread

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
LOL! tomorrow! I have a weakness for McDonalds but it's soooo bad for me. I will grant myself other take out, like grilled fish and salad or chicken and salad. but no burgers, nuggets, fries, that sort of stuff. It's going to be hard cause DH is a fatty (really he is) and loves to eat out.

eta: I'm planning to eat clean with no cheats starting on Saturday. That gives me time to consume left overs from New Years. Well, that was my orig plan but now i think it may take that long to get back to feeling well. I managed to eat today, lost of white rice unfortunately. Each time I eat, my stomach gurgles. It sounds like an angry animal or something grrrrr growl! but at least the food is staying down. and in. IDK if it was the coconut milk or a mild case of food poisoning. If coconut milk is a laxative, would it make me throw up too?
Yikes, sounds aweful! I've had coconut milk and never had a laxative effect on me. I'm thinking it may be some food poisoning.

Ok, I'll allow take-out. There is this real hippy modern spot down the street that is all organic local and all that good stuff that has an AWESOME chicken salad! I think I might order it tomorrow. The best part is the dressing. It's like a citrus oil free dressing but they won't tell me how they make it.....grrrr.....
Just no fast food. I read some thing somewhere that said "Going to McDonald's for a salad is like going to a crack house for vitamins!"

I didn't exercise at all today. Well, maybe walking around walmart is considered exercise?

Has anyone done Insanity? Dh is all gung-ho about ordering it. I'm down, but I have HORRIBLE knees. I can't do lunges, too many jumps. Pretty much any high impact on the knees is a no no.
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