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Arrow Tell ME your bedtime routine . . .

Since we returned from vacation at the end of May - I did a slow transition of R from a cradle in my room to her crib in her room. It went very smooth - I slept better and she was sleeping 10 - 11 hours thru the night. Since she wasn't swaddled anymore, I was using a Halo sleepsack. We change all the clothes, fresh diaper and sack on.

What was working:
~ rock in her room w/ lights off
~ a dim nightlight
~ lullaby plying
~ nurse until she was done and sleepy
~ lay her down
~ and she would suck her thumb and be out in minutes.

But, suddenly - she was back to falling asleep - more like passed out - on the boob and hard to get off of me . . . I can get her off the boob but out of my chair and to crib wakes her, more like startles her. She may be more tired b/c she is very close to crawling and very active.

A bath does not help her wind down like many things say - she gets all excited and more active. She naps about 2 -3 times a day. Most are about 2 hours (one of them may be 3).

So . . . what do you do? What is something I could maybe add in?
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