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Re: Eating organic/All natural on a budget?

Thought I should post this here as well for anyone else living in Sacramento.

Hi Sacramento mama!

Thanks for your pm. Listen, you've got it easy up there. So many options.

First things first. How close are you to the Sacramento Waldorf School in Fair Oaks? I know that area a little since I go there three times a year. They have an organic biodynamic farm attached to the Rudolf Steiner College which is next to the school. They host a farmers market on Thursday I think. Call them up to see. When you go there, pick up a copy of Edible East Bay or Edible Sacramento. (For Edible magazine info in your city, visit You may be able to find a copy of it elsewhere as well. This magazine has great recipes but more importantly has ads from local food manufacturers. Poke through the ads and find the items that are appealing to you and then call to see if they open themselves to the public for tours or to sell their day olds or seconds. Getting to know the management is how you get great deals.

I also noticed that Edible Sacramento had a calendar of food events such as harvest parties. Now it takes some courage but I have no problem asking to take home all of the leftovers or raw materials that weren't used. Most places throw it away or let it rot. Most people are happy to see it all leave with a mama and several kids in tow.

Next, you gotta do step one and log onto to find the farms or farmers markets in your area. I would start with farms no more than 45 miles from your house at the most. Does it sound like I'm all over town chasing food? Nope. I literally only take three car rides with my children A MONTH. Twice to a local farm for eggs, chicken and cow milk and once to the coop monthly shopping. The rest of the time I visit my local farmers market by foot and come home with not only what is for sale on the tables but items farmers bring just for me from their farm. Now that's service! I reward my farmers with lunch, dinner or an occasional sweet. Since I don't spend all of that much on a weekly basis, I love to save up so that I have cash on hand to say "I'll take every ear of corn you have today!"

Let me know how it goes! Eat all organic and local. You can do it!
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