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Re: February/March Chat Thread

Originally Posted by mmbreb View Post
So I just had to share with someone who would understand. Although I love my family they don't really understand what we are going through.

Spider-Man has been with us since Friday and he is doing great. I know there is a honeymoon period but I am just happy to be enjoying him! He is a truly sweet child. There are some issues of course. Mainly talking about things like dead, killing, knives, blood etc. We have seen more defiance than before but less than I expected.

I am just amazed at how we are falling in love with him. We are struggling with our feelings though. Loving Spider-Man emphasizes the pain of losing Abigail. It is so hard to make it all make sense in our minds and heart. There are no words to explain how much we love and miss our baby girl. I think about what she would be doing everyday. How she would be growing and learning right now. It is hard not to get lost in those feelings. I will never believe that she died so we could have Spider-Man in our lives. I do however know just how blessed we are to have the chance to love this little boy!

It is so good that things are going well with Spider-Man. Praying that things continue to go good. I do not believe at all that you lost your daughter so you could end up with this little boy. But I do believe that God at times gives you a new child to love, a child that you can pour love into, a child to help you through the grief. I pray that as you fall in love with Spider-Man and him you that God will begin to mend both of your hearts.

You are also in the first year of grief for the loss of your child. The first year is the hardest and you must survive every holiday and special occasion. Every event brings raw emotion, memories and loss dreams. All this is part of the grief process, allow yourself to grieve and allow God to comfort you. You will never stop grieving the loss if your little girl but with time it will become less overwhelming and all consuming. I will continue to pray for peace and comfort for your family.
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