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I went into my first delivery determined to do it all natural. Unfortunately, my DS was breach, they did an ECV and then decided I needed to be induced right then. I probably could have refused the induction, but even now I don't regret it, I'm pretty confident he would have turned back breach and I would have had a csection. But the induction was no piece of cake. I was still determined to go without pain meds and I wish I had. They began with a foley bulb which wasn't too bad. It came out 16 hours later and I was 5cm, but baby hadn't dropped to my cervix yet so they could break my water. So they started low dose pitocin. It took another 11 hours to get him low enough to break my water. At that point they upped my pitocin and real labor officially started. But I was exhausted because I had been having contractions for 28 hours already and couldn't sleep. I went another 6 hours before caving on the epi.
Thats when all my reasons for not getting another one begin:
1. As soon as it kicked it I felt like I couldn't breathe, which was scary. I was on oxygen quite a bit the rest of labor.
2. I literally could not feel anything at all! I did get a little nap, but it was miserable to not be able to move anything but my arms and head. It wasn't a restful thing at all, and since my body was still working hard with the contractions, I wasn't really resting, I just couldn't feel the work going on.
3. I could not feel to push at all. They kept asking me if I could feel pressure or anything, but I couldn't. I ended up pushing for 3 hours! It was awful and I know the epi kept me from pushing effectively.
4. After he was born and they removed it, I still couldn't feel anything. It took 4 hours just to begin to feel a little bit. The nurses looked at me like I was crazy when I collapsed into their arms when they were getting me into a wheel chair.
5. I shook uncontrollably for hours after the birth. If they hadn't taken my son for 4 hours in the nursery for observation I don't know how I could have held him.
6. It took a full 12 hours before I could stand on my own. Thankfully my DH was there, I don't know what I would have done without him.
7. My bladder control was pretty much non existent for a week after delivery. It was horrible to pee the floor when I stood up. My entire bladder would empty and I couldn't do anything about it!
I think that's about it. I won't be getting one ever again. If I had had a better experience I probably wouldn't be so dead set against it. I understand why women get them if they have a better experience than me. But it's definitely not my thing!
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