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Originally Posted by Palooka
Yup! I had the spinal tap (AKA lumbar puncture) done while I was pregnant, and the clinician doing it described how it's the same sized needle, the same location in the spine, the only difference might be how deep the needle goes (some epidurals go into the area outside the spinal fluid, others go all the way into the fluid), but she said this isn't a big enough difference for the patient to notice during the procedure itself. She said that a spinal vs an epidural is only the difference between taking something out (spinal fluid) or putting something in (anesthesia). Many of the potential side effects are the same too. Spinal headache, risk of paralysis, whenever you mess with the spine things can go wrong. I'm not anti-epidurals, they can be a god send for many women. But that spinal tap told me I did NOT want one for labor. I have a curved spine and this poor woman needed 3 tries getting the needle in, she said she had never needed more than 2 before. Afterwards she told me I probably shouldn't get an epidural during labor for this reason. I still shudder at the idea of that needle in my spine.
3 tries! No!
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