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I'm now about 2.5 months pp and want to have a natural home birth for my future babies. I don't know if I can do it though, but I googled about this and I'm not the only one who has experienced birth like this. I planned for an all natural birth with midwives in a hospital.

My contractions immediately began 2 minutes apart 1 minute long. Very sudden. Not super painful but there and definitely crampy and uncomfortable. Within 5 hours of them beginning they were continuous with very few breaks. I had LONG contractions where I thought it would never end. When I got to the hospital I was hooked up to the moniter and my longest contraction was 51 minutes long. Long unbearable crazy intense contractions. The nurse asked what I took to induce labor because this was abnormal. I did take castor oil the night before. I received an epidural and immediately dilated from 3cm to 10cm and ready to push, so fast they didn't even have time to catheterize me and drain my bladder babies head was too far down.

But do you think it was truly from the castor oil or this is just the way my body labors? I googled and other women have experienced similar things but with out the castor oil.

Should I go for the all natural next time? I'm just scared to be at home with a midwife because there is no way I could bear hour long contractions for hours and hours. With breaks and contractions lasting 3-4 minutes sure, no problem.

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