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Re: Cow's milk protein allergy

We are off dairy, beef, limited soy, nothing acidic (tomatoes, some fruits). Luckily I can still eat nuts so far.

I agree with a pp about shopping at a co op, whole foods, or similar natural food store if you can make it to one. So many more options.

I've been eating roasted salted nuts, peanut butter, coconut milk yogurt with granola, prepackages granola or protein bars, fruits, crackers or carrots and hummus during the day. I've been making extra at dinner to have a leftover container to quickly eat during the day. Also making substitutions during dinner to get more fiber/proteins/fats so I'm less hungry. Always ww pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, things like that.

Great subs for cooking are coconut and sunflower oils, almond, rice, or soy milk, olive oil margarine, applesauce, chicken or veggie stock, mashed pumpkin. I've realized that it's okay to cook most of the things we were cooking before with changing up some ingredients.
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