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Re: Toddler-Worthy Veggie Sides

My dd will eat "carrot coins" all day long - cut up carrots so they look like coins, melt some butter, honey, and cinamon in a bowl and toss the carrots in that mix to coat. Put on some foil on a baking sheet and roast on 350-400 until soft. She gobbles them up!

Also, brown sugar on carrots.

I do silly things with veggies as well. With fresh green beans, I put butter and a bit of salt and then we play at nibbling them up like a rabbit, or making shapes out of them and biting them (with sound effects). Broccoli we try to eat without our hands. DD loves cheese, so a bit of mild goat cheese on roasted butternut squash. YUM!

Google "toddler muffins" - there's a great recipe out there for banana/squash/carrot muffins. Also, sounds awful, but it's yummy "spinach muffins" from "SuperHeathy Kids" (lots of good ideas with that one). Also, use sweet potato or squash in pancakes. The book "Deliciously Deceptive" has great ideas. My only caveat is that I ALWAYS tell her what's in it. She needs to know she can like spinach, etc. And I always gobble it up in front of her.

Hmmm.... we do veggie patties (potato/brococli/spinach/cheese/egg/bread crumbs) shaped and baked. Then dipped in ketchup.

Smoothies? Juices in popsicles?
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