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Re: would you. . .

Probably. DP worked a middle school fun night last Friday. She was supposed to work 4-7pm. DD, 3yrs, is usually in bed by 7:30. So DP proposed that she pick DD up from DC, grab her a happy meal, then let her come to fun night...DP was working in the "dance room", so DD would have fun. No problemo, I could use the quiet time. I think they go home at 8:20 or something like that. It was really fine, even though DD is pretty routine-dependent. Now, she has been reluctant to go to bed early this week, which makes her a bear in the morning & then subsequently naughty right before nap time, but I blame a lot of that on our laziness about really, seriously getting her to bed early this week, even though we say we're going to every night.
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