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Re: What did you get for your second baby?

Mine will be 19 months apart so we're going to need:
more cloth diapers, but not a ton since I use mostly flips with flats, and I'd like some more newborn ME and another wool cover.
A huge diaperbag (I'm looking at ones for twins)
A double stroller - I found one that lets you convert it to have a seat and a carseat (compatable with the carseat I have) or two seats so it'll be perfect, it's the only thing on my registry.
Clothes as baby two will be complete opposite season and I'm pretty sure it's a boy this time.
Oh, and then we have to renovate the 3rd bedroom for my daughter, so that's going to be a huge expense (but my husband is a carpenter so we only pay for material)
Other than that I don't think we'll need anything. I think I move my daughter to a bed with a rail and we'll need some furniture for her room which I'll try to get second hand.

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