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Thanks for all the input ladies! Gonna hold off on it and just keep at what I'm doing.

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs
However, can I ask you a couple of questions: When I donated, it wasn't nearly as much...maybe 500oz total. But this time around, I'm struggling to find the time to pump. I want to have a very large freezer stash because I've also struggled with low supply as my babies get over 7-9 months. Right now my baby is 4wks and I hardly have any extra in the freezer. So, if you don't mind, I have a few questions for you. 1. How old is your baby? 2. When do you pump? 3. If you do it between feedings, how often does your baby nurse? 4. Do you worry about your baby wanting to nurse right after you pump? I'm always worried that I will pump and he will suddenly want to nurse right after, but then I'm empty. It also seems like I make and have a lot more before about 2pm. (This has always been true, for all my kids.) If I pump what I have, then I feel like I'm playing catch up for the rest of the day and there isn't enough. It's like my body stops producing around noon every day. LOL.
1) My DD is almost 5 mos.
2) I get up and pump at 345 am. I pump at work around 730ish & 1030ish. If I can I will throw in an extra session. At home I will pump 3-4 times b/f I go to bed.
3) My DD nurses every 3ish hrs. I will nurse on one side and pump the other.
4) sometimes I will pump both sides and then she gets hungry. I still will nurse her as I know the pump doesn't express all the milk that's in there and most of the time she is still satisfied. If not, I'll give her some expressed milk.

I think there are times of the day when your body produces more. Seems like it's morning for me. When did you start pumping? I start almost right away.

Pumping isn't convenient that's for sure. Life revolves around nursing and pumping for us and I take my pump with me to places if we are going to be gone long enough for me to need it. I make sure both myself and my kids have things to entertain us with when I pump. At work I have my phone or a book and at home I also have the tv. Makes the time go by quicker.

I also drink LOTS of water. I mean really A LOT. Partly b/c I'm always thirsty but I also know I need to keep the fluids in.
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