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Re: ADHD & homework

How long is her homework supposed to take? Our district had guidelines for how long per grade level... and if kids were consistently going over it, that meant something needed to be modified.

One thing that worked well for some of my students was a visual timer. You have to do your homework for this long, and then you can take a break. Or we'd set it for 10 minutes (in first grade, that was how long spelling should have taken) and if they went off task, it would get stopped. When they went back to it, it went back on, and then when it was done, they were done. Some kids only did half of the sheets, but it was better than having it be an all out war for the families, especially with the littles. Does her teacher have any suggestions? Is she on an IEP or 504?

Also, what about taking breaks that are really active? Do one problem, then 3 jumping jacks, etc. Would she respond to something like that?
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