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Re: Punishment for this?

We are dealing with a lying 8 year old too. I try to stress with ds that if he tells the truth, the punishment will not be as bad. I give him an opportunity to tell the truth by letting him know what the punishment is and that it will be no more if he cops up to it and admits the truth. I try to stress that there are two different punishments so to speak. One for the offense and a second one for lying about it. So it seems like there is a reward for telling the truth in that he is getting a lighter punishment. This has worked to a degree. Sometimes he still tries to run with the lie but he has been telling the truth more often.

As for punishment, it doesn't sound like you have found his currency yet. Some things that have been effective for ds are taking away his ipod (But that has to be for like a week, one day doesn't do it anymore) having him stand in the corner, taking away tv for a week, or sending him to his room. There is nothing in his room except his bed, dresser, and books. No toys. I will send him there for a whole day except to use the bathroom and eat. Maybe you could try taking everything out of his room and having him spend a lengthy amount of time there. It's not much of a punishment if there are a bunch of stuff to play with in there.

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