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Re: Punishment for this?

Yeah, DD got new socks and a hair bow for telling the truth from the get go...and I told her and I told DS1 "See, what DD gets? She got a brand new hair bow and some cool socks because she told the truth about how the keys wound up on the roof. Thank you, DD for telling the truth. It's always best to tell the truth."

Heh, he just told me "Well why didn't you tell me I'd only get X for throwing the keys on the roof if I told the truth!?" (pick up sticks, that's our go-to punishment for doing stupid's dull and tedious and serves zero purpose but it really sucks to be made to walk around the yard picking up sticks...and we've had some blustery days so we have LOTS of sticks lying around LOL) I just hate that I have to remind him to tell the truth I feel like I failed as a parent since he's a liar...
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