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WWYD, he's STILL sleeping from his afternoon nap and now it's bedtime!

my son has been sleeping since 3:30, he went down for his afternoon nap later than normal cause he reeeeeeally fought it. now, it's four hours later, it's his normal bedtime, and he's still asleep! i keep expecting him to wake up any minute. i can't decide if i just want to pull him into bed and nurse him (like i would if he woke up in the middle of the night) or go in all cheery eyed and pick him up and let him play with me downstairs for two hours, then try to put him back to bed. ugh, the problem is though that he can't sleep in the same diaper all evening and all night even if he is interested in just nursing back to sleep.

maybe he's not feeling well? his cheeks have looked really rosy for a couple of days and he's been cranky, but no signs of a cold. no fever or anything
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