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Re: WWYD, he's STILL sleeping from his afternoon nap and now it's bedtime!

i had this problem tonight.... she fought her afternoon nap- went down at 4- at 5:30 she was still sleeping and i usually give her her bath then and she goes to sleep at 6.
i actually woke her. let her play for about 30 minutes-she was super cranky then bathed her and she went down at 6:30.
according to Weissbluth (the author of healthy sleep habits) the ONLY time you should wake a sleeping baby is in this exact scenario- to preserve either the normal nap or the normal bedtime.
i didnt' want to wake her since it was her only good nap all day but felt torn like you did and she wasn't in her jammies or a good night diaper so it would have been disaster at some point......
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