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Re: Does anyone have left over pregnancy test strips?

Originally Posted by Heather8183 View Post
Pm me your addy and I'll put a few in the mail for you
PMed you, thanks!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I don't have any, but breastfeeding is not a guarantee! Some say 6months max, others say things like '52 days'.

So, hope that you're just feeling twingy! Unless you want another one right away anyways
I know it's not a guarantee. I got my period back at 6 months with DS1, but I was on the mini pill and supplementing.

DS2 was EBF and my period came back when he was 16 months old.
DS3 was EBF and my period came back when he was 14 months.

So I've been laying in bed at night going..
"No.. no morning sickness... no weird cravings.. no sore maybe I'm just being paranoid. Surely I'd have some other symptoms." LOL but then I think of the "I didn't know I was pregnant" tv show and get panicked.

And no, I don't want another one lol. Bella is number 4. We are supposed to be done. LOL

I think DH might have a stroke if I'm pregnant again, especially so soon. My step mom... oy I don't even want to THINK about having to tell her. LOL

Oh, and just for the record I am NOT relying on BFing as birth control. But, Little Miss Bella is the product of a condom failure (best accident of my life!).

God bless!
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