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Re: Dirty public restrooms

Like a previous poster, we have the Kalencom Potette and L.O.V.E. it! It comes with a carrying bag and I can fit it in my diaper bag! It won't fit in my cute purses, so if I know I'm gonna be with my DD I take a bag that'll fit the potty. Since I'm expecting again, I'm about to get the Skip Hop Studio Tote and I'm pretty sure it's tall enough to fit the potty. Check it out! It folds flat and when you need it, you pop the legs out, throw a bag over it, sit it on the floor or the ground or wherever you guys are, and let them do their thing! I carry a pack of flushable wipes in the bag too! It also has been a lifesaver when we've been places that didn't have many stalls and a line formed. I just plop it out and we go about our business! So many people have been so jealous as they are telling their kids to hold it and wait their turn. I would share don't think I could share our potty unless we were family. In the car, sporting events, in the parking lot, my kids have gone potty discreetly just about everywhere! lol Again, check it out! Totally worth it!

I almost forgot that we also use Keep Me Clean Potty Protectors as well! Our whole family uses those! They are flat and I can pack a stack in my bag and leave some in the car. No one in family sits on a toilet seat! I actually use the Royal Heinie Diaper Pouch for our Potty Protectors and flushable wipes! lol If someone needs to go and they're over the age of 3 and/or I don't have the potty on me, they take the potty bag. They drape over the sides so the kids have hold on to the sides without directly touch the toilet.
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