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Re: help!! weird situation w/my kindergartener

Originally Posted by laila View Post
I'm a teacher, and ten of the years that I have taught, were in first grade. I frequently received notes like that from the students. In no way is it inappropriate. Children are just more honest than adults, and "love" to them is pure and simple. Loving somebody means that they like you and enjoy your company. I would have no problem with my child writing a "love" note to their teacher at that age. Makes a teacher feel good; we all need a little more love in our lives.
I love this response. So true!

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
My son is in Kinder. The other day one of the students (I was there for a Christmas party) was telling the teacher bye as he was leaving. They were going on break for two weeks. Anyway, he said, "I love you Miss G!" She said, "I love you too, friend!"

She calls all of the students "friend." It's a school wide thing. Anyway, I thought it was ridiculously cute, and I really thought it was endearing that she told him she loved him, too. Our kids spend more time at school than they do at home during the school year (minus sleep time). I think it's a GREAT thing if your DD feels like she wants to tell her teacher that she loves him/her. It's a good thing for them to look at school as a positive experience.
This made me smile. It just sounds so sweet.

I'd be happy my child "loved" their teacher. (Of course, I hope mine do since I homeschool them! )
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