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Re: SAHMs:What do you DO with your LOs all day?

Just me, but I wouldnt put them in daycare just to get interaction. They need their mommy more than they need to be around other kids, especially in a daycare environment.
We read books, play with blocks and puzzles, play whatever games my 2 1/2 year old comes up with, watch movies, etc. I think its more about being there with them than what you actually do with them. If you think they are getting bored with their toys, switch out half of them with newer ones and then bring out the ones you put away in a month or so so they will be "new" again. DS loves just being home with me he doesnt care about having friends at his age. He has cousins he can play with on sundays. I would encourage you to keep them at home- you will miss so much of them growing up and isnt that why you decided to stay home in the first place?
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