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Re: SAHMs:What do you DO with your LOs all day?

I feel ya, mama. You will find your way. And no, you don't always have to enjoy being home with your kids- I don't- but it's more fun when you find your stride.

We do have a basic, but flexible, structure to our day because we all need it:
Wakeup between 7 and 8, get dressed, have breakfast
Play and do whatever until just after ds' first nap
Outside for a walk, to the playground, chores, whatever- just get out
Home for lunch around 12 or 1
Down for naps around 1 or 2 (I take one too most days)
Up and having a snack around 4 or 5
Playing until dinner time- inside or out (sometimes ds takes a 3rd nap now)
After dinner we play, or watch tv, or go to the playground to meet daddy
Baths and bedtime between 7 and 8

I try to do things with dd that I love to do too- then we are both happier. I love to do projects with her and involve her in my daily chores. We cook, bake, make playdough, put together her new Ikea furniture, unload the dishwasher, sort and put out the recycling, paint, etc.

We also go on walks, go to playgroups (if you can't find one, start one- that's what I had to do), go to the playground/zoo/park/mall/grocery.
DD is very active and social and has a lot of energy so anywhere that she can run around and meet new people is good for her. She is in a little tumbling class at the local gym, once a week, and that is fun mommy-and-me time. My mom watches ds while we go. I also put her in the library story hour classes (you have to sign up) and she loves those. There we meet other moms and children and have made some friends. We do one or two playdates every week.

Take care of yourself as well as your kids, and try to find other moms who you connect with as well as your kids enjoying each other. It took time but I found things that work for us eventually. You will too.
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