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Re: my nipples are cracked--- OUCH!

Originally Posted by purna079 View Post
use lansinoh every time. express bmilk , rub on nipples and leave to dry. take advil for the pain, and leave exposed to air as much as possible...dh likes that part

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too funny about DH.

I am in the sore nipple boat here too. I didn't expect it as I thought I was a breastfeeding expert by now! For the first time, after 4 children, I have noticed scabs. I must have had cracks and not noticed. My right nipple is excruciating painful to nurse on, almost to tears. IT lessens as he nurses, but when he latches on- whew!

I am definitely buying some lansinoh, which I usually have on hand. I have been rubbing in a few drops of breastmilk. My husband is amazed that I am still nursing through the pain. I can see the admiration on his face. even though this is a new experience I know it will heal itself (right?)

In addition, I have super big nips- as soon as he opens his mouth, I pull down on his chin a bit to get his mouth wider and basically smoosh it in before he clamps down- he's so fast and greedy!
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