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for those who were due in Feb 2012 and lost

feel free to chat here. I know of 3 of us now.

I have been up and down since my loss. today being the worst. I think it all settled in.
its really hard to grasp.
I was so worried about the what would happens when I was pregnant and now I feel guilty for not being MORE thankful for getting pregnant so easily.

now I look at my belly, the baby items I had saved and I just feel sad.
I feel even more sad that when I passed the baby I was unable to inspect it and see- I was in an airport with automatic flush. and its killing me inside. I think I would have been more at peace to see it. I have lost 2 others and saw both. it was healing.

anyway, I just need a good

will any of you try again? I was thinking of becoming a gestational surrogate to heal the pain. I'm not ready for another baby myself but who knows what my life could bring me...

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