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Re: Most absorbent AIO???

I've been cloth diapering for 18 months now and love all in ones. Here are my opinions on the ones I've tried. These are just based on my personal preference and experience with my baby. For reference my little boy is 18 months, tall and slender, and can be a very heavy wetter. We only use BGE, Flip, and SoftBums now but I've tried a lot of brands and systems.

BGE: My favorite! They're the most trustworthy all in ones I've tried. I think they're designed really well so they rarely leak. I use them out and about and can go about three hours without changing him no problem. I change more often at home but it's good to have something that I trust while we're out. I love the smooth organic cotton and how it keeps him feeling cooler and rash free (not a fan of synthetics because he gets sweaty). I love the fit and they're the only diaper I actually do find to be as trim as a disposable while being very absorbent and leak proof.

Tots Bots Minky Easy Fits: I don't like the fit of these. I'm not a huge fan of rise snaps in general but I especially don't like the two rise snaps going acroos instead of three. Just looks funny to me. These seemed to hold a lot and felt really heavy when wet but they still leaked with my heavy wetter. They were also very soft and squishy. But again, it was the look that I wasn't crazy about. Also not very trim in my opinion. I'm kind of crazy about wanting trimness.

Bum Ware Extreme: These diapers are very trim and worked well while my baby was smaller. But once he became a heavy wetter they leaked a lot. I had the one size and liked the look for the most part. I just don't like white snaps on colored diapers, which is what they use on the one size. Since they were a true all in one with microfiber soakers and suedecloth inners, I found that they were harder to get cleaned and sometimes got smelly.

Peachy Green: I actually tried the all in two, but I think it's similar. The fit was fine and it was pretty trim. I'm just not a fan of side snapping diapers personally. Also, he leaked several times in it so I didn't find it trustworthy enough for my liking.

Nanas Bottoms: I loved these when my baby was little, like under 9 months old. They fit so trim no matter what age and they're really cute. I just couldn't trust them not to leak once he was older. But when he was smaller these were some of my favorite diapers and they were usually absorbent enough. I like the birdseye soakers and either bamboo velour or suedecloth inners best. I always had them sewn with an open pocket so I could turn them inside out for drying quicker.

The only all in one that I haven't tried yet that I'd like to are the new bugga bugga boutique ones.

Wow, didn't mean to ramble off all of that, but I hope you find it helpful!
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