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Re: 8 week old twins

Originally Posted by Melinda29 View Post
This, plus when they wake at night, wait a few minutes to see if they are just fussing as a transition between sleep cycles, or they are actually waking. Soooooo many parents immediately stick a nipple in the baby's mouth as soon as they make a peep at night, and inadvertently wake them up and teach their babies to need to eat at night. Wait 3-5 minutes if you can (with twins that would be especially difficult) to see if they are truly hungry or just being noisy about moving between sleep cycles. Some babies will fuss quite a bit and even open their eyes, all while asleep, and then suddenly drop back into deep sleep, if you just wait it out to let them do it.

Physiologically, a healthy full term infant should be capable of sleeping 10-12 hours solid without waking by the time they are at least 13 pounds and 3 months old. Some babies can do it sooner. This is assuming the baby is NOT doing most of their sleeping during the day and most of their eating at night. Like pp said, wake them every 2-3 hours during daytime to eat and let them sleep undisturbed at night. Get them both full of food and tired from being awake a lot during the day, so they are good to sleep at night

I would expect them to be waking at night to eat for another 8 weeks at least, since they are technically only 4 weeks old right now.
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