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Re: Huge bill coming soon

Originally Posted by twood80 View Post
Tacos: If you make shredded meat (chicken, beef roast, pork roast) in the crockpot, you can add canned/drained black beans at the end to warm them (or nuke them if you have a functional microwave), and all of the rest of the taco fixings come from not-the-stove.

Pea soup. Ham chunks, dried peas that you've soaked/rinsed/repeated several hours, salt, pepper, onions, bay leaf. Cook for ~24 hours on high to really break down the peas into mush; less if you like your peas to retain structure.

Do you have two crockpots, or just one? You can do potatoes in a crock pot (or microwave if you have one), and roast in a second crock pot.

I've heard of crock pot bread, but I've never tried it.

Does searching for "crock pot meals" get you anything that looks good for your situation?
Good point on having two crockpots. You could really do so much with two.
Here to help if I can.
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