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Re: 10mo old waking every hour

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
How long has it been gong on? Is he walking yet?
Been going on for nearly a week, but he's been walking for a couple months.

Originally Posted by mrseum View Post
Is he screaming/fussing/arching during these times at all? Seemingly uncomfortable?? Ds 2 got progressively worse and I knew he had reflux but when he started only sleeping 20 mins every hr @ 9 months I knew there where food allergies- which where confirmed at 11 months. It may not be that; but if you feel that it's not the "normal" sleep regression; go with your instincts. Are you nursing/ have you possibly started solids recently?
He's been on solids since 6 months, never had any reflux or issues.

Currently he is standing in his bed howling. I tried changing his diaper and he howled the whole time. He falls asleep as soon as I hold him, but when I put him down he immediately looks for me. If I'm not right there he cries, I usually have to put a hand down to calm him. So I would think it was attachment, but the same thing happens in bed with us! He wakes every hour, eyes closed, crying. I reposition him, give him the other breast, etc., but it's a lot of fussing for seemingly no reason.

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