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Originally Posted by Phaedramekko
The cheapest class is $300 so I will not be taking a class. I have heard great things though. Maybe you could look into cheaper options online. With dd1's birth I did a lot of spiritual midwifery reading. I was so calm and quiet during labor and delivery. I just focused on the task at hand and remembered that stress can regress. I also focused on breathing. I was in my own world and can not remember what was going on around me. I wanted a natural birth and I had one. It was in a hospital though. I was unable to find a midwife that will work with me because dd came at 36 weeks and I had a miscarriage in the past. The birth center would not accept me either. If I carry this baby to term I will be doing an unassisted home birth. The hospital will
Not let me take my placenta because it has to go to pathology. Water birth is illegal in my state so if I birth at home it will be in the tub. Sorry for the rant but I do not want to go back to that hospital. That actually has me stressed,lol.
A water birth is illegal?!? How terrible. I hope you can find a midwife to do a home birth with!
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